Three Boating Technology Trends of 2022

Aaron Marzwell
2 min readJul 14, 2022


Aaron Marzwell is a California-based real estate developer who concentrates on real estate investments and developments in the commercial and residential markets. A board member of the Temple Beth Am and a volunteer for the Medical Reserve Corps Los Angeles, Aaron Marzwell enjoys skiing, fishing, and boating in his spare time.

Technological innovations have advanced the capabilities and safety features of boats. Here are three boating-technology trends in 2022:

1. Green Technologies
The International Maritime Organization estimates that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from sea vessels amounts to 1.12 billion tons annually. Incorporating green technologies into boats is a key way to reduce their carbon footprint. Electric batteries and hybrid propulsion systems that combine gasoline and electric power are one example, while wind turbines and solar panels provide yachts with an alternative means of fuel that does not rely on fossil fuels.

2. Digital Transformation
Due to the evolution of wireless and satellite technology, the implementation of IoT systems is expanding to boats and marinas. For example, multi-service apps on some yachts make it possible to control the vessel’s climate, lighting and entertainment system using smartphones. A 2022 analysis of the global boat market also revealed pipelines in autonomous boats as an emerging trend.

3. Co-pilot Navigational Systems
Navigation systems continue to advance for vessels ranging from personal watercrafts to yachts. Co-pilot programs provide navigational assistance using artificial intelligence. The application creates a virtual map and supplies real-time updates on boating conditions as the vessel traverses toward its destination. This helps to circumvent obstacles and ensure a safe arrival.



Aaron Marzwell

Aaron Marzwell has spent nearly eight years as the chief executive officer of APPA Real Estate in Los Angeles.